Join us in our mission to help children with autism worldwide 

Working at MRC-NECC will challenge you but it will be the most meaningful work of your career.  Here you will make a positive difference in lives of children with autism and their families every day.  You will learn from the top educators and researchers in the field, work with students that inspire you, and receive benefits that ensure your success and professional growth.


We train and educate the next generation of autism educators so that more children with autism receive the services they need to reach their potential.

Thousands of children are diagnosed with autism each year and there is a need for skilled professionals to help them.  At MRC-NECC, you will live our mission  – to transform the lives of children with autism – every day.  You will gain experience, expertise, professional development, and the opportunity to grow from an internationally recognized center for the treatment and study of autism.  Apply to enroll in on-site master’s degree programs through our higher-education partners, and earn a graduate degree at little to no cost.


People work at MRC-NECC because they are inspired by the mission and are driven to make a difference in the world. Seeing first hand the positive change you will make in the lives of students and their families just feels good.  But you’ll also get some pretty great benefits working at MRC-NECC, too. Our suite of benefits are some of the best in the field.

  • 35 days paid vacation per year

  • Opportunity to work in a cutting-edge educational program

  • Opportunities for professional development including advanced degree and certification programs

  • Generous tuition support for professional development

  • Opportunities to participate in research

  • Supervision by licensed and/or certified practitioners

  • Advanced tuition reimbursement for in-house master’s and PhD programs

  • Housing allowance

  • Flight allowance


MRC-NECC offers a limited number of unpaid internship opportunities. The purpose of the MRC-NECC internship program is to expose trainees to exemplary services for children with autism based on principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, and to help prepare the trainee for future employment in the field.
Internships will be arranged on an individualized basis; however, all require:
– Participation in the MRC-NECC training program
– Frequent observations and feedback from the MRC-NECC supervisor
– A minimum commitment of 3 months for full-time interns (4 or 5 days per week) and a longer commitment for less than full-time interns
– Preference is given to interns from UAE-based universities.
Internships may be arranged to include supervision by a licensed or certified practitioner so that the trainee can meet eligibility requirements for future licensure or certification (for example, Board Certification in Behavior Analysis; see www.bacb.com).


MRC-NECC’s graduate degree programs are an exclusive benefit for MRC-NECC employees only.
MRC-NECC offers advanced degree and certification courses for employees. Substantial tuition support (up to 100%) is provided. At the present time, degree and certification programs are not available to non-employees.
Graduate students conduct applied research studies to improve the evidence-based treatment and curriculum.