MRC-NECC provides an early intensive educational program based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Each classroom is designed to provide services for up to seven students with diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Research has shown that when provided effective treatment from a very young age, children with autism make remarkable gains and many will become indistinguishable from their neurotypical peers. The goal for each child upon entry is to become as independent as possible and join an integrated school setting as soon as possible. MRC-NECC uses the ACE® curriculum.


The MRC-NECC Preschool classrooms serve children with Autism Spectrum Disorders from 4 to 6 years old and the Day School classrooms serve children from 7 to 14 years old. Each classroom serves 6 – 8 children. Preschool children spend much of each school day receiving intensive 1:1 instruction. Instruction is also provided in small groups (e.g., circle time, OT group, and library).

Each classroom has playground, gym and swim time, plus Arabic and Islamic instruction in specialized classrooms lead by Arabic-speaking teachers.  For Day School students, greater emphasis is placed on pre-vocational and vocational preparation, and community-based learning and activities.  All MRC-NECC Preschool and Day School students use ACE® curriculum.


Starting at age 14, MRC-NECC students have the opportunity to experience a variety of internships and volunteer placements to evaluate their interests in future jobs. Our students have explored and enjoyed internships and volunteer work in:

-Hospitality services

-Office and clerical positions

-Food preparation


MRC-NECC integration classrooms are designed to be the link between center-based programming and a fully inclusive educational setting.  Students in these classrooms are taught by MRC-NECC teachers in a host school. Students attend classes in the host school along side their typically developing peers as determined on an individual basis and spend the rest of the day in the MRC-NECC integration classroom.

MRC-NECC students are nominated to move to a full inclusion placement when the clinical team in collaboration with the student’s family determine that the student has the social and academic skills to successfully reintegrate into a general education setting with little or no support.