The following four students have made exceptional progress in their time at NECC.  We are proud of them for their hard work and looking forward to the accomplishments they make in the future.


JACOB is an adventurous 17-year-old young man who has been at NECC since April of 2015.  He enjoys traveling, listening to music, completing art projects, playing on his iPad, and trying anything new we can throw his way.  He is also a very helpful guy who’s willing to assist his teachers in chores and projects around the residence. Jacob has made incredible progress in his three short years at NECC. Over the last year he has maintained zero-rates of challenging behavior while fading all restrictions previously in place in his program.  He currently works the meal card table, the copy center, data entry in the CDC, healthy snack prep, the lunch line, cooler and coffee stocking, and the NECC library.  He’s also willing to fill in for any job opening when needed.  Jacob goes into the community frequently and recently took in an afternoon Red Sox game at Fenway Park with one of his peers.




JOHN has worked extremely hard, not only in the classroom but also at multiple vocational jobs. While in the classroom, John works on programs such as reading comprehension, functional math, and health and relationships units. When John is not in the classroom, you can find him around NECC working on healthy snack preparation, at the lunch line, and cashiering at the school store. Along with these jobs, John works in the community at Walgreens and Starbucks where he puts away large orders of candy and coffee with complete independence. While on the job, John interacts with his co-workers and managers as part of the team, and they rely on him to be able to get the job done. In his spare time John enjoys drawing, playing on the playground, or time on the computer.




LUKE is a friendly and cheerful student who joined NECC in the summer of 2016.  In his time here, he has made tremendous gains in behavior and has learned many new skills. Luke’s team is especially impressed with his achievements in communication, as he learned to use his iPad for communication across his day. Luke has also participated in intensive self help and personal hygiene programming and has made great progress. During the day between instruction, Luke enjoys playing on the swings, laughing with his teachers, or blowing bubbles. His team is incredibly proud of how far Luke has come.




SAM is a sweet, fun, and hardworking 13-year-old student who makes his friends and teachers smile. Over the past two years, Sam has made huge improvements in functional language, which have coincided with marked decreases in destructive and aggressive behaviors. During this past IEP year, Sam mastered all of his objectives by the end of his fourth quarter! Some of the programs that he worked hard to master were gross motor imitation, matching printed quantity to number, naming numbers, sequencing numbers, sequencing events in a story, and independent leisure engagement. Achieving the goals set in those programs is monumental for Sam because those programs increased his independence and improved his self-help skills. Throughout the school day Sam can be seen reading a story with his teacher or peers, enjoying the playground, or visiting friends and teachers around the school.